Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh, the Suspense...

It's killin' me...May 21st is just around the corner! wedding day!  With all of the little, last minute, tying up of loose ends, I am beginning to wonder what flowers will be in my bouquet, on the tables, etc.  I will be doing all of the flowers for our wedding...with some help from friends & family, of course!

It's exciting to know that all of the flowers I will be using (with the exception of some bells of ireland that I won't have ready yet) are ones that I have grown myself! 

This is also the perfect opportunity for me to tell you that using locally grown flowers for your wedding takes a special kind of bride... 

It takes a person who wants a unique, beautiful product that just cannot be as easily achieved with your cookie-cutter type flowers.  It takes a person who is somewhat easy-going, confident and flexible. 

I say this because locally grown flowers are {for the most part} controlled by Mother Nature.  One year, lilacs may be blooming on Mother's Day.  The next year, they may be blooming in April.  Mother Nature isn't always predictable...but from April through September, she can guarantee that there will always be beautiful things blooming & available!...just maybe not those lilacs on the exact date that you want them.  As long as you trust that everything will be beautiful and aren't too set on specifics, you make a great candidate for locally-grown wedding flowers!   

Other reasons for going local on your wedding day?

~ You know exactly where your flowers are coming from.  You know your grower and with us, you are welcome to make an appointment to come see where your flowers are grown!

~ You know that your flowers are free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.  Plan on using flowers for your cake or desserts?  Flowers from Seeded Earth are all sustainably grown, chemical-free.  Earth friendly, eco-conscious!

~ You are supporting your local grower and economy!  What a great feeling to buy directly from someone in your neighborhood!


  1. Lovely to have discovered your blog via Floret. I grow and sell flowers in England, on a tiny, acre garden plot. So fun seeing others in the same game, gettting all excited about the same kind of flowers! Belinda

  2. Thank you so much! Are you on Facebook? I'll look for your page! :)