Monday, May 9, 2011

Good day, sunshine!

We had a picture perfect Freight House Farmers' Market Outdoor Season Grand Opening & Mother's Day weekend!  Blue skies, sunshine & a light breeze on both Saturday and Sunday!  Perfect! 

The first market of the season was wonderful!  We sold out of our arrangments within the first two hours -- I should have made more!!  On top of that, we sold a ton of flower bundles and had quite a few inquiries about wedding flowers!  What a great feeling to know that customers are enjoying the product as much as we do!  It makes all of the hard work worth it!  Thank you!!

The rest of Saturday & Sunday were filled with flower bed cleaning, weeding & mulching!...two full pallets of mulch are now laid out {on top of biodegradable weed block -- paper}.  It was A LOT of work {Thank you, Travis!}, but the garden looks sooo pretty now! 

Besides mulching, I delivered a beautiful Mother's Day bouquet for a friend & was able to get quite a few seedlings planted.  Half of the lisianthus, snapdragons & cardinal basil are in the ground...Love-in-a-Mist & Bells of Ireland are sprouting up!  LOTS more to go, but they'll all be in & flowering soon!...I cannot wait!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Strictly business.

Last night, I decided that it was time to do some work.  Real work.  No more of this playing around seeding, weeding, tilling, mulching stuff.  Work.  Marketing is an important part of a business, right?!  Yes...and of course, it's a horrible job...but...someone has to do it...

Funny....let me tell you, it was pretty rough!  ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For Shame, For Shame.

Indeed...for shame.  It has been far too long since I have blogged.  Why?...well, there was Boston {I survived}, there has been seeding, weeding, mulching & planting, house buying {& all of the craziness that has found us in that department!} AND a very soon upcoming wedding!  It all gets jumbled up into one big ball & I begin going a million different directions!

17 days until our wedding.  May 21st.  While I am excited for the craziness to end, I am very excited to become Mrs. Travis Cutler!  Very.  Love is a fun, crazy, silly little thing.  I am so lucky & thrilled to have it {him!} in my life! 

So...alas...I am promising to blog...everyday.  If not a peep, at least a photo!  There are loads of pretty photos just waiting to be taken these days!  The lily of the valley is budded...the lilacs are ready to burst...the bearded iris are ready to send up flower stalks...

I least every other day...  ;)