Thursday, April 7, 2011


So...I got attached too soon...excited too soon.  The offer on the 8.5 acre property fell through when it came time to ask for an $8,500 allowance to fix rotted windows on the old farm house.  Bummer.  I still secretly hope that the owners will re-think their situation & give us that good news call...but...we cannot sit around hoping.  Sooo, we're back at it!

Between today & tomorrow we have six more houses to look at!  Although, Travis & I are pretty sure we'll be making an offer on a 10 acre property that we've already seen.  The land is really nice -- perfect for growing flowers!  The's teeny tiny.  Luckily, the property is priced pretty low {and the realtor still thinks it is overpriced for the size of the house}, we will be able to save, save, save & get a small addition put on within the next two years!  Do-able!

While the house hunt is on, we are still busy with wedding planning, seeding, raking, planting and mulching!  TONS of amazing lilies, peonies & dahlias will be planted!  I am especially excited for this trumpet lily!  The bulbs are gigantic -- I cannot wait to see the flowers that they produce! 

I'll keep you posted on our hunt & new daily bloomers {posted to Facebook as soon as a new flower opens!}!

Happy Gardening!

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