Monday, April 11, 2011

Bursting to Life!

Holy Buckets!  We enjoyed some fantastic weather this weekend!...highs in the upper 70's to low 80's!  Every green, living thing seemed to suddenly burst to life!  From Saturday to Sunday, I am certain that the lily of the valley & some hosta shot up a few inches!...and the magnolia buds decided it was time to pop open to see what was happening for themselves!
Along with A LOT of raking, cleaning, planting and mulching, I found time to create my first wedding bouquet of the season!  I love being able to create little works of art from nature!  What do you think?  The textures & colors of this bouquet make me wish that Travis & I had decided to move our wedding up a month!  So organic, pure & pretty.  

Don't forget ~
Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th!...right around the corner!  

Place your orders now for a fresh arrangement! 
Or...there are also many perennial plants & crafty options available ~ button flower bouquets, recycled wine bottle hydroponic planters, terrariums and appliqued tea towels! 

The Freight House Farmer's Market Opens their outdoor season on May 7th. 
Feel free to pickup your gift for Mom from me there or email {} & we can arrange delivery!   

New flowers are bursting open daily! 
Many more bouquets & blooms to come!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So...I got attached too soon...excited too soon.  The offer on the 8.5 acre property fell through when it came time to ask for an $8,500 allowance to fix rotted windows on the old farm house.  Bummer.  I still secretly hope that the owners will re-think their situation & give us that good news call...but...we cannot sit around hoping.  Sooo, we're back at it!

Between today & tomorrow we have six more houses to look at!  Although, Travis & I are pretty sure we'll be making an offer on a 10 acre property that we've already seen.  The land is really nice -- perfect for growing flowers!  The's teeny tiny.  Luckily, the property is priced pretty low {and the realtor still thinks it is overpriced for the size of the house}, we will be able to save, save, save & get a small addition put on within the next two years!  Do-able!

While the house hunt is on, we are still busy with wedding planning, seeding, raking, planting and mulching!  TONS of amazing lilies, peonies & dahlias will be planted!  I am especially excited for this trumpet lily!  The bulbs are gigantic -- I cannot wait to see the flowers that they produce! 

I'll keep you posted on our hunt & new daily bloomers {posted to Facebook as soon as a new flower opens!}!

Happy Gardening!