Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clean Slate...almost. I have to tell you...

Travis and I are buying a house!       

front view of homeIf all goes well with the inspection, we will be the proud owners of a 1868, 4-bedroom farm house and 8.51 acres of very flower-growable land! 

Not only that, but it has a completely finished 3-car garage {for my future seed starting area!}, two 40' x 75' outbuildings {for my future cut flower cooler!}, an older, little stall building (for my future goat & donkey!!), a nice chicken coop {for our chickens, of course!}...AND four grain bins { use for these...Please buy them & take them away!  Really.  Interested?  Please e-mail me!}. 
We don't close until June 1st...after our May 21st wedding....but...I can hardly wait to plant on this almost clean slate of farm land!  

Step 1: Wind!  I have set a limited budget for a pretty one!!..bareroot willows {curly & florists' pussy willow}, viburnum, lilac and maybe ninebark...maybe...I think my list may be bigger than my limited budget will allow!

Either way...I just can't paint our flowers!

Step 2: Move flowers from Mom's....oh, boy...lots of work...for lots of flowers!  :)

bins which are rentedtheir countryside

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