Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outside the Box

While grocery shopping last night, I picked up the latest edition of Martha Stewart Weddings - The Fashion Issue.  The "fashion" part of my wedding is already figured out, but still, I flipped through.  While flipping, I stopped on a page with some *amazing* bouquets & arrangements.  They are just my style!  Check these out!

Martha's focus on these bouquets & arrangements is their shape.  They don't follow your traditional, tight {inside the box} bundle of flowers.  These are all very shapely, artistic and unique.  Fresh, thoughtful beauty.  I love it. 

But wait...!  There's more!  Martha (well, the editors) included another flower article!  This one concentrates on getting creative with fall arrangements.  Typically, we would have very few flowers left during the second week of October, which can make putting arrangements together pretty challenging {but a lot of fun at the same time!}.  This is where thinking outside the box really comes into play...by adding seed heads/pods and various colored foliage, gorgeous arrangements begin to take shape!  Check out these bouquets from Martha's magazine that do a beautiful job of incorporating fall foliage!

The possibilities for bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements really are endless.  Seeded Earth would be honored to create {or help you create} your bouquets & arrangements for your special day!  With new flowers blooming continously from March thru October, you have an abundance of choices that will ensure your wedding flowers will be gorgeously fresh, unique and beautiful! 


  1. Wish you had been doing this when I got married a few years back! I would have loved to have you put together these gorgeous bouqets for me! :)

  2. Aww...that would have been fun! Instead, we will get to put them together for my wedding in a few months!! :)