Friday, October 1, 2010

Chasing Rainbows

Big goals, big dreams.  We all have them, don't we?  Some come true, some we hope will come true, and some we just seem to give up on.  Why would we ever give up on them?  Why should we?  Is it not true that every goal and every dream that you have in your heart can come true?  You are the one who can make them happen.

So far in my life, I believe this.  I believe that we shape our own lives with our own goals and dreams, we paint our own picture.  What a fantastic feeling when we succeed in painting that picture!  I have a "bucket list" of dreams (that I continue to add to)...

Ride a live bull for 8 seconds.  Check. 
Attempt to ride many live bulls.  Check.
Jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  Check.
Finish that darn Organic Chemistry class and actually get the horticulture degree.  Check.
Find the most wonderfully perfect guy for me.  Check.

Next, finish a marathon before age 30.  December 22, 2010 is the date that this goal would expire.  I began training for this goal in May.  Instead of just finishing a marathon, I decided that qualifying for the Boston Marathon would be a pretty neat goal to tack on.  Successfully running the Boston dream!  For nearly 5 months, I ran, I chased.  I chased that rainbow and can you believe it?!  I found my pot of gold!  I completed the 26.2 miles of the Quad City Marathon in a time of 3:36:49.  4 minutes and 10 seconds faster than I needed to in order to qualify for Boston!  {Check.}  April 18, 2011, I will be chasing that next dream!

Seeded Earth has been my dream for as long as I can remember.  I have always wanted to have a little business of my own.  Would I like for it to grow and be hugely successful someday?  Of course!  For now, it is the perfect start to everything that I have always wanted!  Just like the other rainbows I have chased, I love the feeling of accomplishment this gives me.  I love the challenge.  I will continue chasing rainbows to make Seeded Earth be everything I know {and hope} that it can be.  It may take some time, but this one is a beautifully long rainbow that is allowing me the opportunity to meet some great people!  For that, I am thankful.

Moral of my story?  Never ever, ever give up on your goals or dreams!  When you reach the pot of gold at the end of one rainbow, find that next rainbow to begin chasing.  You will get there.  The rainbow may seem extra long at times, but don't forget about the extra treasures that you are picking up along the way...friends, knowledge, experience.  You will reach your treasure...and you may just find that the treasures along the way have made that final treasure so much more than what you ever dreamed it would be!  Paint the most perfect picture for your life with all of the colors of that rainbow!! 


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