Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Behind??...Spring Ahead!!

Can you believe that in a little over a month, the majority of civilization will be "falling behind"...or at least our time-keeping devices will be?!  Myself?  No, no...not me.  I will be springing ahead!  The weeds will be removed, the hosta and perennials divided, the bulbs planted and I will be well on my way to sewing (sowing?) my way into winter projects and spring planning.  I may be a bit overly optimistic, but I am going to remain confident that the majority of my "springing ahead" will be complete before those first little snowflakes accumulate on the gardens.

While I do *adore* fall, I love, love, *love* spring!!  For me, fall is what brings spring.  I get to savor the beautiful fruits of my fall labor in perennial placement and flowering bulbs.  It's exciting!!...an ever-changing palette that is my own.  I cannot draw, I cannot sing, but I can put flowers together pretty well...in the landscape and in arrangements.  Flowers allow me to be creative and as silly as it may sound, express myself.  This is why I give "names" to the flower arrangements that I design...I am able to look at nearly every one of them and feel something.  Plants & flowers really have an amazing little way of bringing out emotion in all of us... 

Fall is upon us, but no worries...no "falling behind".  We still have over a month of fun left at the Freight House Farmer's Market, Apple Fest in LeClaire on Oct. 10th and then we will be "springing ahead" into 2011 for a fresh, new season of fun, beautiful "emotions". 

~ Sari Berry Flowerseed
Sari = nickname from my mom, Berry = nickname from my grandma, Flowerseed = last name from my aunt -- I love them all & I love my new complete nickname!!  :)


  1. I promise to help you not fall behind. Just ask for my labor and I'll be there. Maybe not with bells on, but I'll will be there.