Sunday, September 12, 2010

Escaping the Concrete Jungle

Almost my entire 29.75 years of life have been spent in the country on a beautiful, dead end, gravel road. I have had various excursions that have taken me away for short periods of at Iowa State University, a fun job in Marion, Iowa where I met some of my very best friends, and some time spent with an ex-boyfriend here or there. The latter made me find my way back home {full-time), again, this past year...well, up until about two weeks ago.

About two weeks ago, my fiance {that's right!!...I found him!!}, Travis, & I moved into an apartment together in order to save some money to either buy or build a house in about a year or so after we are married next May. This apartment that I speak of is in town. What does one do in a place where they are surrounded by street lights, sirens, and concrete? Well, I am finding myself being very thankful for my busy lifestyle that is occupied with my full-time job, marathon training, wedding planning, Travis, family, friends and this small business, Seeded Earth.

This past week, Travis found me sitting on the edge of the couch twiddling my thumbs and tapping my toes. With an understanding smile, he said, "You just don't know what to do with yourself do you? I am so sorry that I have taken you out of your element and brought you to this concrete jungle." The thing that I have realized I still have and am lucky to be only 16 minutes away from {yes, I did GPS the distance before we moved! }, is my childhood paradise that sits on that lovely, dusty, gravel, dead end road. The dead end road that isn't. It is taking me places. It is home to Seeded Earth. It is my release...and thankfully, Travis understands this silly little passion of mine and the need to escape to "work" a couple times a week {and to see my mom}.

In keeping with the escape from the concrete jungle {or whatever your jungle may be composed of}, I would like to extend the invitation for you to escape your jungle and to take a little trip down our lovely, gravel, dead end a Spring Garden Stroll next April of 2011. I do not have an exact date set will be scheduled around a trip to Boston to run the marathon on April 18th {I hope!} and a wedding on May 14th! On this stroll you will find bouquets of many blooming spring bulbs and flowers, hosta, perennials, appliqued shirts & tea towels, aprons, and quilts for sale. The gardens are also BEAUTIFUL in the spring!! I will keep you posted on the exact date that you can come out for a stroll in the country to escape the "jungle" in your life...

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  1. Loved the post, Sarah! It is indeed hard to move from a rural area to the city. I had 7 gardens and now have 2. Being a passionate gardener and unwilling to give up my love for all things green, I down-sized and now love my new condo gardens. Having condensed gardens allows me to spend more time at that fun job in Marion!