Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seeing Double.

First off...before I get into my current infatuation...IT RAINED!  Not a few drops, not a quarter inch...a good 1"+!!  Ahhh...a huge relief!  I have been waiting & waiting for rain.  I have found some great deals on flowering shrubs this fall & haven't been able to get them in the ground because it is just un-diggable.  They'll all go into the ground this week so they can spread their roots & start growing!  Oodles & oodles of hydrangea and other flowering shrubs for next season!!

Now, let's keep some steady rain coming through fall so that I can get lots of these planted...!!

& these...

& these....!!!

Aren't they amazing?!  I am in love with double tulips!...and thankfully, have finally found a good wholesale source for them!  I cannot wait to have all of these blooming next spring!  They're going to be GORGEOUS in wedding bouquets!


  1. Oooo...love the doubles! What wholesale firm will you be selling them too?

  2. I won't be selling the flowers to a wholesaler. I have found a good wholesale supplier to order bulbs from for this fall...can't wait to see them in bloom! :)