Thursday, August 18, 2011

Going Green?

We have decided that in order to be happier & more successful flower farmers, we need a tractor.  It really will save us from a lot of backache in the long run!  We have narrowed down the possibilities.  Deere or Kubota?

I had the opportunity to check out the Deere last night.  It seems like a very nice tractor.  From everything that Travis had described, I really thought that it would be a lot smaller.  Seeing it & getting on it, it feels like an actual tractor...more than just a lawn tractor with a bucket attached.  This one would definitely work very well for us, is a bit more expensive than the Kubota...even with my John Deere Employee discount...$600?!...c'mon Deere!

I haven't had a chance to meet this tractor in person yet.  Unless our Deere sales guy comes back with a comparable price, I will definitely be making a visit to see this one.  Travis has seen both.  He says that quality wise the Deere definitely looks & feels better. 

I am a bit partial to the Deere because it is awfully pretty...but, eh, a tractor is a tractor & I would be ecstatically happy to have either!  :)

A tractor will be joining the family in the near future...the question is, will it be green or orange? 

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