Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For Shame, For Shame.

Indeed...for shame.  It has been far too long since I have blogged.  Why?...well, there was Boston {I survived}, there has been seeding, weeding, mulching & planting, house buying {& all of the craziness that has found us in that department!} AND a very soon upcoming wedding!  It all gets jumbled up into one big ball & I begin going a million different directions!

17 days until our wedding.  May 21st.  While I am excited for the craziness to end, I am very excited to become Mrs. Travis Cutler!  Very.  Love is a fun, crazy, silly little thing.  I am so lucky & thrilled to have it {him!} in my life! 

So...alas...I am promising to blog...everyday.  If not a peep, at least a photo!  There are loads of pretty photos just waiting to be taken these days!  The lily of the valley is budded...the lilacs are ready to burst...the bearded iris are ready to send up flower stalks...

I least every other day...  ;)

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