Thursday, April 25, 2013

3 Weeks Out...babies are goin' in!

Alright...I really tried posting this last night, but our internet didn't want me to do anything.  So, here it is...just a smidge late...

It's official.  I am declaring Wednesdays blog update days.  This will hold me accountable...and hopefully end the slim {to none} postings.  I'll put a reminder on every device I own!  Pinkie swear.

The weather has been pitiful lately.  Cold, rainy, dreary.  When I say rainy, I mean RAINY.  Our creek was *way* out of its banks last week...although, nothing like the nearby Mississippi...

Photo from Quad City Times - Davenport, Iowa
Our creek - WAY out of its banks!

 In other news, we managed to get our smallest hoophouse almost completely enclosed!  We pulled the plastic last weekend.  Saturday was a fairly calm day.  Travis & I got it all fastened down except for the bottom sides.  Sunday morning came along and was extremely windy.  As soon as I made it home from a wedding consultation, we booked it outside to get the sides secured before the wind beat them up even more.  Blood, sweat & tears that day -- blood from me, sweat from Travis & tears from little miss Celia (our supervisor who was bundled up in her stroller).

 The projected forecast seems to be going in the right direction.  Next week is supposed to be beautiful!  We're about 3 weeks out from our official/unofficial (who knows what's official these days?!) frost-free date.  So, today's the day.  Some of the more cold tolerant seedlings are going in the ground!  Fingers & toes crossed that Mother Nature is kind to us these next few weeks!

In case you missed it on Facebook, here are the photos from this week's seasonal bouquet: 
Be sure to hop on over to The Seasonal Bouquet Project to see more gorgeous bouquets from Love 'n Fresh Flowers & Floret Flowers!  Also, be sure to link up & share some of your own!  

Now, out to the field!  Loads of seeds to be sown & work to get done!
See you next Wednesday!...pinkie swear.

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