Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not For Saying I Love You...

Have you seen Hallmark's Valentine's Day commercial?  You know...the one that says, "Valentine's Day is not for saying I love's for saying I love us...I love who we are together."?  I like it.  Yep, the big sappy, romantic part of me loves that message. 

I admit it... my feelings towards Valentine's Day have changed this year.  Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I now feel like I have the most wonderfully kind, caring, supportive and fabulous guy that there could ever be for me {...not to take away from you...I hope that you have found yours, too}!


I don't think this completely explains my change of heart {no pun indended!}.  I have always thought of Valentine's Day as a very commercialized holiday...which, yes, it is.  I guess the difference is that this year I am okay with that.  Yes, it is a very commercialized holiday.  I am agreeing with Hallmark in a sense {& Dr. Laura Berman from Oprah on XM radio...I know, I know...geek alert!}...

...Hopefully we are always showing the special people in our lives what they mean to us...but...just in case we aren't {or even if we are}, isn't it nice to simply show them on this designated day for love?  A card and a nice {hopefully inexpensive} bouquet of mixed flowers is all it takes...nice & simple...but still, thoughtful & pretty.

I say "go for it!"...throw out a few bucks to your local {please go local!} florist or candy maker...even find some of your inner craftiness to make your own card!  Hey, weren't those pop-out cards from elementary school with the neat little springs pretty darn fun to make?! 

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends! 

...and just to throw in my commercial pitch for the holiday...Seeded Earth gift certificates are always available as very sweet gifts, too!!  ;)

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